DYMK Trading & Contracting


Metal Coatings

We supply the local industry with high quality, multi-variety Electrostatic Powder Coating. We currently provide Epoxy Polyester and Polyester Powder Coating. We follow the RAL coding standard.

Our Coatings are suitable for a wide array of products.

Epoxy Polyester is used for any metal in an internal environment. Polyester on the other hand is suitable for any metal surface in an external environment.

We source Powder Coatings from a variety of suppliers in Europe and South East Asia.

Our customer base in Egypt contains all the producers of Air Conditioners, home appliances and furniture.

Wood Coatings

By offering high quality certified Polyurethane and Polyester, we set a top quality standard in Egypt and the Middle East.

We offer all quality levels and color shades of Polyester and Polyurethane, Primers and Finishers.